Wealth through Real Estate, Finance & Crypto

Harvest DAO is a community that is driven to reach financial freedom through highly intelligent, proven investment strategies.

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Leverage Real Estate, Debt Financing, and Crypto Incubation to build lasting, recession proof wealth

The Harvest investment thesis (Harvest Hedge) leverages real estate and debt financing to create our investment floor, while participating in crypto venture capital and incubation to create value and exponential growth.

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Investment Thesis


We know that financial markets constantly change. That’s why we created the Harvest Hedge. We leverage Real Estate purchases and highly collateralized debt financing to maintain consistent income for our community. We then take advantage of investing in crypto and technology projects for explosive growth.

Real Estate Acquisition


Harvest is investing in real estate acquisition. Owning multifamily and commercial properties will give us consistent income that will be reinvested back into the treasury for predictable and consistent growth.

This is a time tested, recession-proof strategy that offers strong protection against inflation.

Real Estate deals are professionally vetted by people who have decades of experience in the industry.

Real Estate Finance


We know real estate assets can be a long term investment and we are taking advantage of short term opportunities as well. Everything is moving quickly and that’s why we want to invest in professional Real Estate Debt funds.

Debt funds have much smaller periods of investment but need large amounts of capital. These funds can typically offer really high and safe interest income on highly collateralized loans and they pay out quarterly. This means we will have reliable income short term and long term between acquisition and financing.

VC, Crypto & Incubation


We believe that crypto is still in its infancy and will be the future for many industries. Our venture capital and incubation efforts will exponentially grow our community funds. So let’s invest in it together and grow our wealth!

We believe that Real Estate will be our core and crypto/technology will provide us the monumental wealth gains. Let’s work together to become financially free! Join our Discord for more information.

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Community is KEY


The ecosystem is automated to review and present deals from all 3 pillars, relying on community governance to execute deals and grow treasury assets.

Our governance system already ensures the investments are vetted by professionals. What’s left is to educate each other and have healthy discussions and VOTE.

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Who are we?

We are a group of talented individuals that have a strong background in real estate business & DeFi with one vision; bring together those 2 models into one ecosystem that is governed by our community.

Why us?

We believe that every person has the right to invest and take a part in Real Estate investments. Our fundamental core relies on this model, which has always performed exceptionally well, historically speaking. Combining that idea with DeFi and Crypto, our goal is through strategic investments to generate wealth for our stakeholders.

Why Real Estate?

Real Estate is time tested and consistent. Statistics say that Real Estate makes more wealth in the long term than any other business. It’s stable, predictable, and consistent. All of the things that crypto really isn’t. But what if we bring together these two?

How are we investing in Debt Financing?

Through different legal entities in very crypto friendly countries, we are able to leverage access to join accredited investors in many debt funds internationally. The debt equity deals are validated and brought to our ecosystem by professionals.

What do you mean by crypto venture capital?

We want to invest into crypto projects as a venture capital fund and incubator. By leveraging our talent and our treasury we want to generate an extra source of revenue for our members. We want to combine the safer real estate investments with crypto investments to create short/long, yet organic growth.

What will we do with NFT sale Funds?

NFT sale funds will be used to invest and pay for some operating costs but most importantly to launch Harvest and acquire our first Real Estate/Debt and Crypto VC/Incubation deals.

What benefits will the NFT’s offer?

Our NFTs will offer a voting multiplier to the tokens held by anyone that holds one. Voting rights will be crucial to the direction of HarvestDAO. In addition they will give Exclusive Access to the Token Pre-Sale at a discount, Future Benefits from ALL investment products and participation in the Largest Giveaway in the Crypto Space to date.

Are you releasing a token?

Yes we are going to release Harvest Token ($HVST).

Who can buy Harvest Token ($HVST)?

Initially, only NFT holders can buy $HVST at the Private Sale. After the Private Sale concludes, it will be available for the public sale.

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Events Calendar



10,000 Utility NFTs

September 15th, 2022

Harvest is releasing 10,000 utility-based NFTs to launch Harvest into the stratosphere! The artwork was designed to combine our love of crypto and real estate.

These NFTs represent one pillar of our investment thesis and promote real estate investments. This collection is our call to action to invest together towards wealth!

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