NYC Brownstone


A collection designed to combine our appreciation of crypto and the proven wealth strategies derived from Real Estate.

Mint Date:
September 15th, 2022

Mint Price:
0.225 Ethereum

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10,000 High Utility NFTs

MINT Date | June 15th, 2022

We are excited to be minting 10,000 NFTs in support of the Harvest DAO Governance Model and Community Voting.

PreToken Sale

The Private Token Sale will ONLY be available to NFT holders. We are prioritizing our earliest supporters. Details to be announced on Discord.

Voting Multiplier(s)

Each NFT will provide a voting multiplier on your tokens. Voting is crucial to direct the DAO.

Ex. You have 100 $HVST and your NFT has 1.5x Multiplier. During voting, you can cast 150 Tokens worth of voting.


NFT holders will be granted exclusive access to certain prizes, airdrops and giveaways. Please visit our Giveaway page for the latest giveaway.

Future Benefits

As the Harvest portfolio of assets grow, we intend to add additional benefits to all NFT holders. Benefits will be related too upcoming and future project’s.

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NYC Brownstone Collection


The NFT artwork was designed to combine our appreciation of crypto and the proven wealth creation derived from Real Estate, which represents one of the pillars of the Harvest Hedge investment thesis. This NYC Brownstone Collection is our call to action to invest and grown together!

So is an Italianate-style Brownstones?

The quintessential NYC row house is the Italianate-style brownstone, homes with tall stoops, long windows and majestic entries. There is a perfect symmetry to their uniformity, a pleasing rhythm and solidity to brownstone blocks — especially when paired with old trees, overflowing flower boxes, and heavy cast iron railings.

The Italianate style brownstones flourished from 1840 until around 1870, coinciding with the rapid growth of brownstones in New York City.

A true brownstone typically includes:

  • Brown, red, or tan stone facade
  • Tall Windows
  • Stone stoop
  • Ornate Entry Doors
  • Italianate details on the facade
  • Flat Roof
  • No space between buildings

More ornate brownstones include:

  • Flower Boxes
  • Juliet Balconies
  • Ornate Roof Details
  • Mansard roof — found often as a fifth floor
  • Roof Top Gardens
  • Roof Top Statues

our assets were inspired from the bold features found in Italianate brownstones. The tall open windows can be peered into to find historic and famous art pieces.

Why Ethereum?

We are driving to build wealth and have had many discussions on which blockchain to use. Since we know that Ethereum is the most widely built out and safest, we ended up selecting it as our blockchain.

We know that GAS fees are high right now but couldn’t let go of the fact ETH is a safe and the trusted blockchain.

We are currently investigating a Polygon Bridge to lower costs for our community.

Secondary Sales

Royalties (10%) go back into the treasury to support our investing ecosystem.

Rarity & Voting

Each NFT will give you a voting multiplier on your tokens. Voting is crucial to this project and we are providing the mechanism to direct the DAO. Out of the 10,000NFTs, the multiplier will vary based on the rarity of the assets within the NFT Collection. We expect the multiplier effects to be:

  • 2x Voting- 250 NFTs

  • 1.5x Voting- 750 NFTs

  • 1.25x Voting – 1500 NFTs

  • 1.15x Voting – 3000 NFTs
  • 1.1x Voting – 4500 NFTs

We will know the exact distribution at minting.


NFT sales will be distributed as such:

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